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  • Changzhou Hywell Machinery Co,.Ltd

  •  [Jiangsu,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Americas , Asia , East Europe , Middle East , Other Markets , Europe , North Europe , Oceania , West Europe
  • Exporter:81% - 90%
  • Certs:CE, ISO9001
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Changzhou Hywell Machinery Co,.Ltd

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About Us

Hywell is professional manufacturer for drying machine, mixing machine, granulating machine and grinding machine.From dryer, mixer to granulator, from unit machine to production line, we have them all. Hywell is a Chinese supplier of industrial dryer, mixer, granulator. our flagship products include the hot air dryer, microwave dryer, vacuum dryer, one dimensional mixer, two dimensional mixer, three dimensional mixer, and granulator and so

Categories and Products

Drying Machine

Vertical Fluid Bed Drying Machine

Vertical Fluid Bed Drier Powder and Granule Fluidizing Bed Dryer Vertical Fluidizing Dryer Machine Vertical Fluid Drying Equipment Medicine Granular Fluidized Drier GFG Series Yeast Drying Machine High Efficiency Fluid Bed Drying Machine Powder Material Boiling Drying Machine GFG Series Boiling Drying Machine Vertical Fluidized Bed Dryer Wet Granule Fluid Bed Drying Machine Powder High Efficient Fluidizing Dryer Fluidized Bed Dryer Granulator Fluid Bed Vertical Boiling Drier Particles Boiling Drying Machine New Condition Powder Drying Machine Wet Powder Drying Machine Granules Fluidized Drying Machine Starch Fluid Bed Dryer Pharma Preparation Fluidized Bed Dryer 

Horizontal Fluid Bed Drying Machine

XF Series Horizontal Fluid Bed Drying Machine XF Series Box Shape Drying Machine Amino Acid Granule Fluidizing Dryer Best Quality Horizontal Fluidizing Drying Machine Malic Acid Fluid Bed Drying Machine Fumaric Acid Fluid Bed Dryer Continuous Horizontal Fluidized Bed Dryer Turmeric Hydrolysate Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer Horizontal Fluid Bed Medicine Drying Machine Continuous Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer Bean Pulp Drying Machine Fluid Bed Oatmeal Drying Machine Bean Vibrating Fluid Bed Drier Continuous Seed Drying Machine Vibration Fluid Bed Dryer Nickel Sulfate Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer New Design Panko Drying Machine BreadCrumb Drying Production Machine BreadCrumb Drying Production Line Serbuk Roti Production Line 

Dynamic Vacuum Drying Machine

Pharmaceutical Intermediates Drying Machine Medicine Powder Vacuum Rotary Drying Equipment Double Cones Vacuum Dryers Vertical Ribbon Vacuum Dryer New Condition Rotating Vacuum Drier Low Temperature Double Cone Vacuum Rotary Dryer Cane Sugar Drying Machine HW Vacuum Dryer for LiCl Conical Vacuum Dryer Lithium Chloride Drying Machine Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer Low Temperature Vacuum Powder Dryer Irbesartan Low Temperature Drying Machine Metalaxyl Special Drying Machine New Design Rotary Drying Machine Low Temperature Drying Cabinet Battery Material Vacuum Dryer Herbal Extract Vacuum Drying Machine Hywell Supply Ciprofloxacin Vacuum Dryer Ginger Extract Drying Machine 

Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine

Whey Concentrate Spray Drying Machine Lab Spray Drying Machine Malted Milk Spray Drying Machine Mango Liquid Spray Drying Machinery Coffee Special Production Equipment Fish Collagen Spray Drying Machine Yeast Extract Spray Drying Machine New Design Graphite Pressure Spray Dryer Substitute Milk Spray Drying Equipment Milk Liquid Drying Machine Industrial Spray Drying Machine Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Spray Dryer Perfume Centrifuge Atomizer Spray Drier Maltodextrin Centrifugal Spray Dryers Spray Dryer for Powder Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine Vegetable Juices Spray Drying Machine Lipase Liquid Drying Machine Maltodextrin Atomizer Spray Drier Stevia Liquid Spray Drying Equipment 

Chamber Drying Machine

Explosion Proof Drying Oven New Condition Hot Air Tray Drying Oven Medicine Granule Drying Machine/Drying Oven Hot Air Circulating Herb Drying Machine Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven Beef Slices Drying Machine Fish Dry Oven/Hot Air Oven Hot Air Drier Machine Hywell Supply Food Dryer for Mushrooms Hot Air Circulation Drying Machine Carrot Slices Hot Air Drying Oven Hot Air Circle Oven CT Series Stainless Steel Hot Air Oven Dehydrated Vegetable Hot Air Oven CT-C Jasmine Hot Air Dryer Wild Mushroom Hot Air Oven CT-C Series Seaweed Hot Air Oven Hot Air Circulation Oven Steel Tray Drying Oven Chinese Medicine Granule Drying Oven 

Continuous Drying Machine

SXG Series Starch Flash Dryer Vegetable Chip Mesh Belt Dryer Taro Slice Drying Machine Dewatering Vegetable Special Dryer Cabbage Slices Mesh Belt Dryers Purple Potato Chips Special Drying Machine Agaric Continuous Drying Machine Jasmine Flower Drying Machine ISO Standard Food Conveyor Belt Type Dryer New Condition Fruit Drying Machine Wheat Starch Flash Drying Machine Zinc Stearate Flash Drying Machinery Fried Chicken Powder Dryer - Belt Drying Machine Granular Activated Carbon Dryer Hywell Band Drying Machine Carboxymethyl Cellulose Flash Drying Machine Garlic Slice Dewatering Machine Phosphor Powder Spin Flash Drying Machine Borax Continuous Flash Drying Machine Activated Carbon Granular Dryer - Belt Dryer 

Microwave Vacuum Drying Machine

Ginger Slice Low Temperature Drying Machine WZ Series Microwave Vacuum Dryer Mixed Sugar Solution Microwave Vacuum Dryer Mango Slice Microwave Vacuum Dryer Yeast Extract Microwave Vacuum Dryer Industrial Cabinet Microwave Vacuum Dryer Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine Coconut Chips Microwave Vacuum Dryer Fruit Slice Puffing Plant Microwave Red Dates Vacuum Drying Machine Industrial Microwave Saffron Powder Dryer Crisp Fruit Slices Drying Machine Plantain Banana Chips Processing Line Puffing Food Drying Equipment Maltose Liquid Vacuum Drying Machine Honey Vacuum Drying Machine Industrial Microwave Vacuum Dryer Crispy Mango Slices Microwave Vacuum Dryer Herbal Medicine Dryer Machine Honeysuckle Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator 

Static Vacuum Drying Machine

Electric Heating Static Vacuum Drying Equipment Hywell Supply Round Vacuum Drying Machine FZG Series Square Vacuum Drying Machine Tray Model Vacuum Dryer Oven Fruit Slice Vacuum Drying Oven Steam Heat Vacuum Dryer FZG Series Vacuum Oven Square Model Vacuum Dryer Banana Slice Low Temperature Drying Machine FZG Square Shape Vacuum Dryer Pharma Vacuum Tray Dryer Food Vacuum Dryer Machine Hywell Vacuum Dryer FZG Vacuum Shelf Dryer Chemical Special Vacuum Dryer Square Vacuum Drying Oven Cabinet Model Vacuum Dryer Heat Sensitive Material Vacuum Dryer Square and Round Static Vacuum Drier Low Temperature Vacuum Oven 

Pressure Spray Dryer

Seasoning Meat Pressure Spray Dryer Instant Black Tea Spray Dryer Hydrolysate Pressure Spray Drying Machine Pressure Spray Drying Machine Amino Acids Pressure Spray Drier Protein Pressure Spray Drying Machine Pressure Type Spray Granulation Dryer Pressure Spray Drying Equipment New Condition Ammonium Phosphate Drying Machine Pressure Spray Dryer for Lipase YPG Pressure Spary Dryer Pectin Pressure Spray Dryer Intermediate of Dyestuff Pressure Spray Drying Machine Polydextrose Special Pressure Spray Drier YPG Series Pressure Spray Drying Machine Hywell Supply Pressure Spray Dryer Cane Syrup Pressure Spray Drying Machine New Condition Oats Powder Drying Machine High Pressure Spray Dryer Juice Pressure Spray Drying Machine 

Mixing Machine

Powder Mixing Machine

Pharmaceutical Machine Automatic Lifting Bin Mixer New Condition Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer Pharmaceutical Powder Mixing Machine Low Price Premix Mixing Machine Instant Tea Powder Mixing Equipment Detergent Powder Mixer Machine Herb Powder Mixing Machine V Model Type Mixer V Type Powder Mixing Machine Flavor Additives Mixing Machine Sesame Powder Mixing Machine V Type Powder Mixer Cocoa Powder Mixing Machine 3D Mixing Material Machine Detergent Powder Mixing Machine New Condition Bin Mixing Machine Chili Powder Mixing Machine Medicinal Powder Mixing Machine Konjac Flour Mixing Machine Food Additives Mixing Machine 

Granules Mixing Machine

Pharmaceutical Powder and Granule Blender Pharmaceutical Mass Mixing Machine Granule Special Mixing Machine Bin Mixer for Medicinal Granule Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Bin Mixer Stainless Steel V Type Mixing Machine Food Particle Mixing Machine Medicine Granule Mixing Machine New Design Hopper Mixing Machine DLH Series Horizontal Ribbon Blender VH Type Mixing Machine Amoxicillin Granule Blending Machine FZH Series Bin Mixer V Series Blending Machine Ribbon Blender for Powder Seasoning Granules Mixing Machinery V Shape Blending Machine Potassium Permanganate Mixing Machine Dried Particle Mixing Machine with CE Certificate High Efficiency Solid Granules Mixing Machine 

Paste Mixing Machine

CH Model Paste Mixing Machine Paste Material Blending Machine Solid and Liquid Blending Machine Wet Herbal Tea Blending Machine Wet Flour Mixing Machine CH Wet Powder Mixing Equipment CH Series Guttered Mixer Chemical Wet Guttered Mixer Groove Type Mixer Machine-CH Groove Blender Batch Wet Powder Mixing Machine Solt Shape Mixing Machine CH Slot Shaped Mixing Machine Chemical Wet Material Mixer Wet Powder Mixing Machine CH Series Wet Flour Powder Mixing Machine Wet Paste Slot Shape Mixer Wet Powder Blender Machine CH Series Mixing Machine Chicken Essence Groove Mixer CH Liquid and Powder Mixer 

Lab Mixing Machine

Lab Square Cone Mixer Lab powder mixing machine-SYH three dimensional mixer Lab Using Square-Cone Blender 

Granulating Machine

Fluidizing Granulating Machine

Multifunctional Fluid Bed Granulator Seasoning Fluidizing Granulating Machine Medicine Powder Granulating Machine Medicine Granulating Drying Machine Spray Granulating Fluid Bed Dryer Green Tea Powder Granulating Machine Granule Capsule One-step Granulating Machine Multipurpose Dry Powder Granulating Machine Big Capacity Dry Granulator in a Fluid Bed Tablet Capsule Granulating Drying Machine High Quality Flavoring Granulating Machine Hywell Supply Fluidizing Granulator Drier Instant Tea Granulator Machine Small Capacity Feed Granulating Machine Spray Liquid Granulating Machine FL Series Fluid Granulator Dryer Dairy Products Fluid Bed Granulator Tea Particles Drying Granulating Machine Powdered Milk Granulating Machine Starch Granules Granulating Machine 

Super Mixing Granulator

GHL Super Mixing Granulator Fast Speed Mixer Granulator Wet Starch Mixer Granulator GHL Series Super Blending Granulator High Speed Blender Granulating Machine GHL Mixing Granulating Machine Tapioca Granulating Machine High Efficiency Granule Production Machine Hywell Supply High Speed Mixing Granulator Cadmium Sulfide Mixing Granulating Machine Wheat Powder Mixing Granulator Flavours Powder Mix Granulator Pharmaceutical Wet Mixing Granulator Powder Rapid Mixing Granulator GHL Series High speed Wet Mixing Granulator Wet Mixing Granulating Machine by Hywell Supply High Speed Mixer Granulator Coffee Rapid Mixer Granulating Equipment Top Selling Stainless Steel Granule Production Machine Stainless Steel Super Mixing Granulator 

Continuous Granulating Machine

High Speed Sieve Granulator Pesticide Revolving Granulating Machine Revolving Extruder Granulating Machine Wet Material Revolving Granulating Machine Health Product Granulating Machine Stainless Steel Flavouring Granulating Machine Mint Tea Powder Granulator Extruding Granulating Machinery from Hywell Animal Food Granulating Machine Revolving Granulator for Animal Feed ZL Series Revolving Granulator Extruding and Pressing Granulator Revolving High Speed Granulator Continuous Type Pendular Granulation Machine GMP Certificate Pharmaceutical Granulating Machine Hywell Supply Calibration Unit for Granules New Condition Pet Food Granulator Swing Granules Making Machine Granulator KZL Series Grinding Granulator Pharmaceutical Grinding Granulator Machine 

Lab Granulator and Coater

Lab Granulator and Coater Granulating Coating Testing Machine Lab Testing Coating Machine Hywell Supply Lab Granulator Coating Machine Lab Fluidized Coating Machine Drug Powder Coating Machine Laboratory Granulating Coating Machine Lab Test Coating Machine Lab Granulating Coating Machine Granulating and Coating Machine for Lab Lab Granulator & Coating Dryer Mini Granulator Coating Machine New Design Laboratory Coating Machine 

Granulator and Coater

Hywell Coating Machine Stainless Steel Granules Coating Machine FLP Series Granulator Coating Machine New Design Fluid Bed Granulator Coater Chemical Powder Special Granulator Coater Powder Granulating Coating Machine Hywell Supply Fluid Bed Granulator Coater Machine Health Products Special Granulator Coating Machine Foodstuff Granulator Coating Machine Pharmaceutical Granulator Coating Machine FLP Granulating and Coating Machine 

Pulverizer Machine

Universal Pulverizer

Hywell Supply Coffee Grinding Machine Cocoa Bean Grinding Machine Dry Powder Grinding Machine 30B Pulverizer-Health Food Grinder Cistanches Crusher/Cistanches Grinding Machine High Effect Grinding Machine Unit Crisp Vegetable Grinding Machine Vegetable Powder Special Grinding Machine Fruit Slice Grinding Machine Stainless Steel Spice Grinding Machine Stainless Steel Spice Pulverizer Machine Pepper Powder Special Grinding Machine Hywell Supply New Glucal Pulverizer 30B Series Pin Mill Hot Sale Coconut Grinding Machine Cocoa Powder Pulverizer Machine Dried Ginger Grinding Machine High Efficiency Food Grinder Whole Sale Medicine Grinding Machine Chinese Traditional Medicine Grinder 

Superfine Pulverizer Machine

WF Series Fine Powder Micronizer WF Series Dry Material Micronizer Stainless Steel Hot Pepper Grinding Machine Low Cost Price Superfine Grinding Machine Grain Food Superfine Pulverizer Machine New Condition and Powerful Superfine Pulverizer New Design Pharmaceutical Grinding Machinery Cumin Superfine Grinding Machine Bean Powder Grinding Machine Wheat Starch Grinding Machine High Efficiency Ultrafine Powder Making Machine Herbal Powder Superfine Grinding Machine Chinese Medicine Superfine Pulverizer Machine Coconut Powder Grinding Machine Fine Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine Highly Nutritious Food Grinding Machine Herbal Fine Powder Pulverizer WF Series Superfine Pulverizer for Food Powder Medicine Fine Powder Micronizer Hywell Supply Fine Powder Grinding Machine 

Coarse Crushing Machine

Coarse Grinding Machine for Dried Wood Medicine Tablet Coarse Machine Universal Coarse Crusher/Grinding Machine Multifunctional Bone Coarse Crushing Machine Chinese Herbal Crushing Machine Universal Coarse Food Crusher New Design Coarse Crushing Machine New Condition Garlic Granules Crusher Animal Bone Coarse Crusher High Efficient Walnut Shell Crushing Machine Coarse Crusher Machine/Coarse Grinding Machine Big Capacity Universal Coarse Pulverizer Food Grinder Machine High Quality Low Price CSJ Series Coarse Pulverizer Coarse Crusher for Licorice Root Hywell Supply Universal Coarse Machine CSJ Series Universal Coarse Grinder Rubber Special Coarse Grinding Machine Universal Coarse Pulverizer for Rubber Stainless Steel Pulverizer Machine 

Freezing Embrittlement Crusher

Paraffin / Ceresin Wax / Petrolin / Chloroflo Pulverizer Animal Tissue Freezing Grinder Plastic Crusher - Plastic Cryogenic Pulverizer FC Freezing Explosive Materials Pulverizer FC Series Freezing Embrittlement Crusher Normal Temperature Flammable Materials Pulverizer High Oil Materials Low Temperature Crusher Nylon Freezing Grinding Machine- Nylon Pulverizer 

Auxiliary Equipment

Round Vibration Sieving Machine

Rice Flour Round Vibrating Sieve Metal Powder Sieve Machine Round Vibrating Sieve for Milk Powder Powder Paint Vibrating Sieve Machine Vibrating Screen Separator for Powder and Granule Round Vibrating Screen Machine ISO Certification Ceruse Powder Vibrating Screen Full Stainless Steel Round Sieve Machine Hywell Produce Cassava Vibrating Separator Good Performance Vibrating Screen Round Vibrating Sieve Machine Hywell Supply Vibrating Sieve Machine Round Stainless Steel Vibrating Screen for Egg Powder Milk Powder Vibrating Screen Separator Sugar Powder Vibrating Screen Round Food Granule Screen Vibration Sifter with Stainless Steel Malt Powder Vibrating Screen Machine Hywell Supply Vibration Sieve Stainless Steel Flavoring Powder Screen 

Square Vibration Sieving Machine

ZF Series Square Vibrating Sieve Cosmetic Raw Material Powder Sieve Charcoal Square Vibrating Screen Vibrating Screen for Food Additive Material Vibrating Sieves Separator for Powder or Granule Stainless Steel Square Vibrating Screen Vibrating Sieve for Medicine Granule Pesticide Granules Vibrating Sieve Foodstuff Square Vibrating Sieve Silicone Material Square Sieve New Condition Wheat Flour Sifter Stainless Steel Protein Powder Vibrating Screen High Capacity Square Vibration Filter Machine Hywell Supply Vibrating Foodstuff Separator Copper Powder Vibrating Sieve Square Vibrating Separator for Pesticide Industry New Design Square Sieve Machine Food Granules Vibrating Sieve Square Vibrating Screen for Metal Powder Continuous Type Salt Vibrating Separator 

Vacuum Feeder

Powder Vacuum Feeder Machine Medicine Granule Special Vacuum Feeder HS Powder Vacuum Loader HS Powder Enclosed Conveying Machine Powder and Granules Feeding Machine Conveyor Vacuum Powder Feeding Machine New Design Powder Vacuum Loaders Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor Feeding Machine Hywell Supply Granules Vacuum Feeder HS Vacuum Charging Machine Pharmaceutical Powder and Granules Vacuum Conveyor New Design Vacuum Granule Feeder New Design Vacuum Powder Feeder Food Granules Feeding Machine Hywell Supply Powder Vacuum Conveyor Powder Vacuum Feeding Machine Vacuum Powder Feeding Machine Vacuum Feeding Machine for Mixing Machine New Condition Automatic Feeding Machine Powder and Granular Automatic Feeding Machine 

Heating Device

Hot Air Furnace Machine YRF Burning Oil Furnace Gas Combustion Hot Air Furnace for Dryer YRF Series Gas Combustion Heater Drying Machine Hot Air Furnace Heavy Oil Burning Used Air Heating Furnace Drying Machine Heater Device YRF Series Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace 

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